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The Lists below outlines what is possible for your company with our help. Our
financial statistics and case study pages show evidence of companies that have already profited from such training.


Benefits of our products to Your Business:

  • A more productive & efficient workforce producing a high
    quality end product.

  • Reduced risk of injuries and accidents.

  • High employee moral, satisfaction and skill

  • Savings on recruitment and training costs.

  • Great team work and communication both within and between departments.

  • Improved absence / sickness rates and related costs.
  • Improved early return to work figures.

  • Increased resource availability and added support

    for your occupational health dept.

  • Savings on medical insurance.

  • An employer of choice - attract future employees.

  • Attracts future company partnerships.

  • Elevated public & industry reputation.
  • You will be acting in-line with the latest government initiatives.


Your Employees also reap fantastic benefits:

  • A sense of worth - a serious employer that invests in them.

  • They can attain great posture and understand its importance.

  • Practical tension and stress release techniques.

  • Increases their work performance and efficiency.

  • Lower risk of injury and illness.

  • Improves their immediate short term & long-term health.

  • Increases their understanding of the body at work and heightens proprioception.

  • Improves their daily lifestyle.

  • Adds variety to their role.

  • Professional advice & guidance on all aspects of health & fitness.

For a list of course modules please visit products and services.


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