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Ecotricity were the worlds first green electricity company and their mission is to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain. 2010 figures show that they have built 51 turbines, supplied over 44,000 homes with electricity, and have saved over 48,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide  per annum. Ecotricity are constantlydeveloping new concepts, exploring a radical approach to wind technology. So as you can see, it is this pioneering spirit that fits hand-in-hand with Occupational Fitness.

We specifically worked with the wind turbine mainentance team at the service center in Louth, East Lincolnshire. To gain a full understanding of their role we requested that we climb one of their turbines with one of their teams. This proved invaluable as we could then use this experience, the challenges mentioned by engineers, & our expertise in physiology to fine-tune our course material.

The team of engineers were particularly interested in our Workforce Workshops on both Lower back pain management & Stabilizing blood pressure. These two elements are vital in relation to their duties of climbing the turbines and working within the nacelles, often in extreme environments.

At the end of a very interesting and interactive days training, the engineers were kind enough to leave feedback on the workshops which is displayed below.

 Data from the Lower back pain management workshop

At a later date Stephen Horry service manager at Ecotricity, asked for us to return & work with the team once again, this time on managing job related stress & communication skills:

All of our team members attended an occupational Fitness course which was of interest and useful to all of us.  Our Engineers have been able to use what they learnt in their daily activities whilst working on wind turbines, and the office staff have benefited to.  The day consisted of presentations and practical work which we enjoyed and made the day fun.  The trainer was very approachable and even helped a couple of staff with further personal issues relating to this course at the end of the training session.

 Stephen Horry. Ecotricity service manager

Other feedback from Ecotricity's wind turbine engineers:

  • "Very useful."
  • "Straight to the point."
  • "Good overall session."
  • "Very interesting, thanks."
  • "No previous knowledge of stress & other effects so very useful, thanks.”
  • "Helped focus on positives of the job role."
  • "I liked the end comment – feel involved in your workplace!”"
                  (feedback forms are anonymous)

What we can do for you?

The results above speak for themselves, would you like a response like this from your workforce? To see what other wind turbine specialist workshops we offer, click here. To see the benefits they can bring to your employees and your company, click here.

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