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A comprehensive study of workplace health programmes has shown that companies investing in this area have achieved a 25-30% reduction in medical and absenteeism costs in an average of 3.6yrs. The study also showed that workplace health programmes can:

  • Give a return ratio equivalent to £5.81 per £1 invested.
  • Reduce sick leave / absenteesim by an average of 27%
  • Reduce health care costs by an average of 26%
  • Reduce worker's compensation and disability claim costs by an avergae of 32%

The above information is sourced from a World Health Organisation / World Economic Forum report in 2008. The PWC published a 'Preventing Diseases' PDF file summarising these findings.

Specific examples of companies' workplace health successes can be found on our case study page. The training and support methods used by these companies are very similar to our own, and as you will see they too have produced a great return on investment.

The charts below display the facts gathered throught one of the training courses we held at HETA, an industry leading training facility for engineers.

As you can see, a total of 98.1% of participants on an Occupational Fitness course thought it was useful to their job role. Over 58% of these deamed it 'very useful'.

Over 92% of workers at HETA said that our course had raised their awareness and prompted them to make changes to their daily activities.

In essence this means that 92% of workers have increased their performance, productivity, absence rates, and greater job satisfaction. All this can bring huge financial gains.

A valuable measure of the effectiveness is that when asked if they would recommed the course to their colleagues, virtually all of the HETA participants said they would!

If these workers were part of your company, you could now be experiencing all the elements on our Occupational Fitness benefits page. Please contact us for further information. 

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