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Occupational Fitness' pioneering training can help your company to reap a wide range of financial benefits by increasing the health and performance of your workforce.  View our products & services to see exactly how we can help you accomplish this!

Watch the clip below of recent work with SMart Wind, demonstrating the various practical elements of our services.

We are different to your occuaptional health department!

Through our in-depth research we have identified elements of everyday life that act as common barriers to your workforce's health and performance. Yes the usual health monitoring measures and treatments are important, but these only address the problem rather than prevent it. With the latest research, professional backing, and our unique training methods, we can help you pro-actively reduce barriers such as worker fatigue, muscle tension, and lower back pain. This  results in a healthier and higher performing workforce.

Evidence shows that with such training you can reap:

  • Return ratio of £5.81 per £1 invested
  • 27% decrease in sick leave & absenteeism
  • 26% reduction in healthcare costs
To see more about what statistics and savings you can expect, visit our Financial return & Case studies pages.

Other benefits to your company:

  • A huge boost in public and corporate image, overshadowing your competitors.
  • A higher performing workforce working more efficiently for you.
  • Healthier happier employees = a higher retention rate.

To see your full range of benefits, visit our Benefits page.

By working with Occupational Fitness you are also meeting the latest professional & government initiatives. The occupational health sector is undergoing a very important transformation due to recommendations of the recent ‘Black report’. In response the government set up the ‘Health, Work & Well-being’ scheme which we are working closely with as we share common goals.  

To learn more about the benefits of an Occupational Fitness course and how we can help progress your business, please explore the rest of our site. If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to
contact us.
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