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Occupational Fitness can reveal the real-time health of your workforce using the most comprehensive range of on-site health tests without them experiencing laboratory conditions. We also feel it's important that each test & result is explained fully to the employee.  In-turn this raises awareness of their own body, how it influences their work performance, & actually empowers them to make any positive changes. All of our methods are user-friendly & non-invasive ensuring that your employee's feel safe & comfortable throughout.

Our Regular health checks include:

~ Resting heart rate

~ Blood pressure

~ Blood-oxygen saturation percentage

~ Body water  / hydration percentage

~ Adipose body fat percentage (between skin & muscle)

~ Visceral body fat percentage (around vital organs)

~ Muscle mass percentage

~ Bone weight / density

~ Height & Weight (Body Mass Index)

~ Equivalent body age

~ Body energy requirement (BMR)

~ Lung capacity / peak flow

All employee results are treated as confidential but companies can request a report summarising any health trends within their workforce including any necessary advice.

Our Full health checks
consist of all the tests above including a postural assessment of all the body's major muscle groups. By asking the employee to perform simple movements we can not only reveal any muscle imbalances which may cause costly muscular-skeletal disorders such as back pain or repetitive strain injuries, but we offer advice on how to correct them too.

Health checks are traditionally the most common workplace health measure however they cannot promote good health, only reflect it. Therefore they should not be used alone but either side one of our pro-active  health services to show snap-shots of  your workforce health at fixed points in time on your journey to optimum workforce performance. 

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