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 7o% of workers surveyed recommend
our Stretch plan!

With research in to the Rajio Tiso (the famous Japanese radio exercises), modern-day versions used in North America's construction industry, and the latest expertise from the health and fitness industry, we have developed Occupational Fitness' work-based stretch pragramme.

These results are of a two week study at HETA, a leading engineer training facility. Each morning one of our Occupational Fitness trainers lead a 7 minute stretch plan with 40  engineers as soon as they had clocked-on. The stretch plan had been specially designed to benefit the engineers daily tasks and suit their workplace requirements.

74% of participants where interested in it being a regular part of their day!

of particpants said they feel it has a positive impact on their work!

of participants would recommend it to a coleague!

reduction in percieved muscle stiffness & aches!

increase in percieved task efficiency levels!

We use joint mobilisation and a form of light static stretching that is perfect for any workplace. It doesnt involve any equipment, it can be done easily on the spot, and it's safe for everyone to do. Our stretch plans are good for the body anytime, but especially effective just before work as the comments below show.

 Comments left by the participants:

"Feel more awake, more relaxed, more
alert, and a lot less tense"

"Feel more awake and ready to work"

"Relieves muscle tension"

"Being more awake and alert in the morning"

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