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We at Occupational Fitness have identified what work-relevant elements affect your industry, and then designed our services to match. This has involved visiting a cross section of workplaces to observe workers in their actions, identifying trends in one-to-one assessments, researching HSE papers and other professional recommnedations, and finally using our own expertise.
Considering this, you can be sure your workfoce requires 'health and performance workplace training' in one of the topics listed below. If you feel that your company has specific needs, we do offer to write bespoke material to suit.
         Key Topics

Creating a positive culture to workplace health and the 'Fit-note'

Stress management

Optimum Hydration

Sleep quality management

Tension and release techniques

Postural analysis & correction

Lower back pain management
Repetitive strain injury management

Shift-work and lifestyle management


Workplace nutrition essentials

Your job - on the inside!
 For more information on these topics or bespoke material please contact us.


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