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Choose all five of our pioneering services for maximum benefit, or just select the ones you feel suit your company at the moment.

Our services have the flexibility to suit your company's operational needs, causing minimal disruption and fit perfectly with any existing 'work-time learning' periods. 

The very style in which these sessions are delivered has been recommended by leading professionals, ensuring that you get the ultimate package of content and tuition. We do not wish to replace any existing occupational health measures but to work alongside your related departments, forming a strong relationship. This allows them to focus on monitoring, treatment, and ‘early return-to-work’ while we reduce the influx with our sessions.

 1. Workforce Workshops


Our focus is on helping your workforce discover how their bodies affect their work and visa versa, so they gain an understanding of what influences their health and performance. Great care is taken so that sessions are easy to follow, concise, and relevant to participant's job roles using direct case studies. They leave each session with a range of effective techniques that are simple and safe for the workplace environment, plus through this we are simultaneously reducing their onset of illness and absence.

View our range of topics.


2. Workforce Reality checks

Most of us have had our blood pressure taken, but do we know what the figures actually mean? Our comprehensive range of body function, body composition, & postural checks give the employer the best real-time snapshot of their workforce & empowers the employee to make any necessary improvements. we can even help you take action on any work-relevant trends the results may show!

Click here to see what our health checks include.

3. Workforce Release Sessions

Its a fact that everybody builds up tension that has negative affects on health and performance. We help workforces combat this in two quick ways:

1. Pre, intra, or post-work stretches designed with your work style in mind. (featured in the homepage video)

2. Workstation massage. Great anytime of the day but ideal at lunch times. Click here to view a quick video.

Both services are delivered by our qualified and                                                                                                                   professional trainers.

4. Workforce Workouts

To accompany our presentation based courses our fully qualified and insured trainers have recently launched 'Workforce Workouts'. These are not just any exercise programmes, Workforce Workouts only consist of exercises specially selected by us to directly benefit your employees when working.

Visit our Workforce Workout page.





5. Project Consultation

With vast experience in both the fitness & occupational health industries, we can act as valuable consultants on your health & wellbeing / health & safety boards. We can bring advice from a unique angle & contribute to any short or long term health projects that your company may run.

Click here to see how we helped new bio-fuels company Vivergo.

For the gains these products can bring, please visit our Benefits page. To see how much these products could save your company, please use the Health calculator.


*We also deliver a range of Workforce Workshops for apprentices. Click here to view the topics!

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