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ScanSource Europe is a leading pan-European distributor of automatic data collection, EPoS and mobility solutions. They sell only to resellers and provide a variety of services to help these comanies grow their business. ScanSource Europe customers have access to the industry’s leading vendors, one of Europe’s largest product inventories and the broadest range of value-added services available.

This year the team at ScanSource's Hull branch requested for us to return once again & deliver our 'tension release' sessions as an incentive for their staff. As most of their staff are office based & carry out associated tasks, they can accumulate muscle tension & stress which can lead to postural conditions & injury if ignored. With this in mind it was agreed that short but effective massage treatments, workstation set-up assessments, & health advice would be most valuable for improving posture & work productivity.

Below are the results of surveys which the employees kindly completed after their sessions. 

“Scansource Europe requested Occupational Fitness to come in to our workplace in Hull to provide massage’s to the whole office as part of a vendor focus incentive day. The trainer James, provided massage’s to the whole team, and invaluable advice on postural awareness.

The feedback was excellent, and the office was very chilled afterwards! We even discussed James coming back in the future to do the same again as we believe massage’s in the workplace are of great benefit and certainly de-stress the team, and makes for a better working day”

Phil Heseltine.

Account Manager, ScanSource Europe

    James & the 2011 ScanSource team. Hull.                       James & the 2012 Scansource team. Hull.

00% said it can raise their health & wellbeing at work.
100% said it eased Stress (both physical & mental) at work
100% said that it can help them perfrom at their best - for longer, at   

"Very good quailty & actually worked the muscles - felt great afterwards. If Carlsberg
did massages.."
                                                                                    Marie Willis

“Great way to relax and then get ready to attack your work. Good advice given on posture, stretches etc.”                                                                   James Wilde

“Wow – feel rejuvenated. Would recommend to anyone.
                                                                                                                         Emma Witty

“An extreme energy booster! I felt free of tension and stress after my session. Highly recommended.                                                                                  Miriam Parker

What we can do for you?

The results above speak for themselves, would you like a response like this from your workforce? To see the benefits our services can bring to your employees and your company, click here.

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