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The Tree GP  is a professional arboricultural business & are experienced tree surgeons. They are familiar with all manner of tree-related arboricultural practices, and are therefore offer a wide range of services, with the aid of cranes or mobile elevated work platforms as necessary.

Created by Chris Bednarski and Mike Barker in 2005, The Tree GP boasts an increasing number of repeat customers through word-of-mouth. They have considerable experience in working for private clients, large businesses, estates & local authorities alike. The Tree GP continues to provide the professional service clients expect, understanding the need for good communication, punctuality, safety, and a job well-done at a competitive price.

Chris from The Tree GP approached Occupational Fitness to help keep the health and performance of their team at a high standard. The tasks invovled in tree surgery involve climbing with equipment, groundwork, heavy lifting / carrying, operating heavy machinery, and using equipment safely whilst on uneven surfaces, therefore it is vital that the workers remain functionally strong yet flexible. Team work also plays a huge part in their work which means that if one team member is not performing to 100% then it could potentially compromise the outcome of the whole job. With client satisfaction being a top priority, The Tree GP are not prepared to let this happen.

To support Chris and Mike we have delivered materials for them to run through with the whole Tree GP team. This consists of specially selected muscle, fascia, and nerve stretches that will maintain their performance at work and help prevent associated injuries.

"In our line of work muscle aches & pains are an everyday occurrence. To a degree it comes with the job but I want to keep our team healthy & fit for work in the long-term. Occupational Fitness took the time to understand the demands of our work & have delivered a series of exercises for our team which we do at various points in the day.  They also introduced me to the benefits of sports massage which I find makes a big difference"

Chris Bednarski
Partner of The Tree GP

If you would like Occupational Fitness to deliver customised support to you company, no matter what your industry we would be pleased to help. Contact us here!

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