Our work with Vivergo

Vivergo was formed in 2007 as a joint venture between AB Sugar, BP and DuPont to create a Biofuel business for the future. They take feed-grade wheat grown at local farms in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and process it – with no waste – into bioethanol (a green transport fuel that is mixed with regular petrol at the pump) and protein rich animal feed. With production at the £350m plant continuing to ramp
                                                                      up this year, Vivergo will be one of the leading biofuel and animal
                                                                      feed producers in Europe. 

In 2013 Vivergo's human resources management team asked our workforce health experts at Occupational Fitness to contribute to internal projects. We have so far provided advice for internal nutritional projects as well as content for their new health & wellbeing intranet resource. Vivergo is a new-age company with values to match so we look forward to coninuing our on-going work with their team.

Please contact us to find out more about our work with Vivergo.

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