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We have maintained the same strong principles since Occupational Fitness was first founded, and recently the 'Black report' and other professional recomendations have emerged with very similar ones. The structure of our company allows us to be very flexible when accommodating client companies, while staying true to our original mission.   
Why choose Occupational Fitness over other healthcare training services? 
* We focus on pro-active tips and techniques, not just on resultant common health screening and treatment.

We work in-line with the government's new 'Health, Work and Well-being' scheme, the bright futrue of workplace health.

* Every session we deliver to your workforce is measurable.
* Our multi-level prouducts; they deliver highly useful content in the most effective formats.
* We have designed our products to be so versatile, you can virtually 'mix and match' them to your requirements.

In recent surveys employees say that to attain high performance, they must be:

1)      Challenged by their work.

2)      Recognised for good work.

3)      More involved and kept up to date on company operation & direction.

Occupational Fitness has worked to address all these elements, challenging employees with fresh thinking, basic education and new techniques, rewarding their work with personal health adivce, and finally involving them in their company's (and the nation's) direction of future workforce health. 

For more reasons, please view our principles on our home page.


The power of the 'Tripple bottom line'!

This consists of:

  1. Economic values includes investments in training & overall productivity.
  2. Social values includes workplace health & safety, plus staff retention.
  3. Environmental values -  includes the impact of production process on health.

Modern companies are starting to use this information to flaunt their competitive rank and social status. Why not use Occupational Fitness to enable your company to do the same? Contact us!

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