Specialist Workshops for Wind Turbine Engineers

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With input from wind industry experts combined with our knowledge & experience of applied physiology, Occupational Fitness presents you with a range of unique workshops. Each workshop involves group discussion, the latest theory, new practical techniques, & realistic implementation all relevant to the topic. This ensures your workers are instantly engaged, feel valued, a sense of purpose, & gain useful tools to take away from the session. 


1. Healthy Back Management

Reduce lost-time-incidents (LTI’s) and design-out back pain & injury by adopting new efficient methods for carrying, climbing & working with equipment during challenging tasks;

2. Working in Confined Spaces

Whether it’s in manufacturing, the turbine nacelle or in the tower, learn how to adapt your body for safe, effective & efficient working in confined spaces.

    3. Exercise Specifics for            Turbine Industry Tasks

Maximise workforce performance by learning training techniques for specific tasks at various stages within the industry. Also available in the form of a Workforce Workout!

4. Posture analysis (inc Traveling Positions)

Our posture often reflects our job roles & once our bodies show signs of poor posture then injury & absenteeism are almost certain. We can prevent this by teaching you techniques to re-balance posture helping to ensure staff stay fit & ready for work.

5. Stablizing Blood Pressure

Carrying out intense tasks in challenging conditions raises blood pressure.  We help create an understanding of this hidden danger & then how your team can work effectively by managing it safely.


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