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To accompany our presentation based courses our fully qualified and insured trainers have recently launched 'Workforce Workouts'. These are not just any exercise programmes, Workforce Workouts only consist of exercises specially selected by us to benefit your workforce.

Everything about our workouts is functional. 'Functional' meaning that it consists of exercises that have a direct positive transfer to workplace and everyday activities. By physically re-educating the body to work through natural movement patterns we help strengthen performance, postural muscles and resistance to injury.

Here are the protocols for all of our Workforce Workouts, they must be:

  • Safe and effective.
  • Welcoming, enjoyable and motiviating.
  • Low impact on joints.
  • Suitable for beginners with advanced options.
  • Encouraging team work
  • Low maintenance - minimal equipment.

Participants can either be health screened by your company's occuaptional health department or by a consultation with myself.

The workout is held on-site to make it convenient for your participants. Possible locations include large canteen halls, large conference rooms, any open outside spaces, local parks or leisure centres. Please contact us for details.


Specific benefits are:

  • A mixed, cross-section of company staff are able to interact.

  • Builds and strengthens team work relationships.
  • An effective stress buster and endorphine high.
  • All the recognised benefits associated with moderate exercise.

For a wider range of benefits of Workforce Workouts and Occupational Fitness courses please visit our course benefits page.

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