The FLX Health App

Looking for something app-based?

Let us introduce you to the FLX app, the best workplace health app on the market.


This great piece of software enables users to take ownership of their biomechanical health.


Biomechanics programme tests for and helps maintain a healthy standard, provides a 12-week exercise programme to address any findings, and adjusts the exercises as the user progresses. 

Pain programme helps users manage their pain, triages the user to advise the most suitable exercises, and offers a 6-step programme that responds to the rate of the users recovery.


User Support


FLX's regular reminders keeps users biomechanically fit for a long life of pain-free movement.

Developed using an intrinsic biomechanics model and a data set exceeding 4000 subjects. 

Add on the Employer Dashboard tool

App data is transformed in to a dashboard to so that you can monitor metrics that are important to you e.g. complience and use of FLX, MSDs in specific groups of workers, locations or tasks, and to track trends over time.





This app works brilliantly as part of any workplace health scheme, if you would like to know more please fill in the contact form on this page and we will be in touch promtly.

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