James Bednarski

Husband, Dad & Occupational Fitness Founder & Director

20yrs in the Health Industry

12yrs in Workplace Health

My passion is to help everyday people get the best out of life through great health. We spend a huge percentage of our lives at work, both this and our personal life impact each other massively, therefore we know that having fantastic workplace health not only benefits the employee but also the employer. Until now companies have had a very reactive approach (e.g. time off / physio etc), but at Occupational Fitness we have a unique preventative approach. We use pioneering techniques to not only minimise the risk of injury but optimise worker performance in the process.


To make health and wellbeing initiatives work you need buy-in from your employees, apps and software can be useful but nothing engages them better than a friendly face-to-face approach. We pride ourselves on building great rapport with your teams over time (so that we are almost seen as part of your company), and work with you long-term to help you become a beacon of workplace health.


To date we are fortunate to have worked with a variety of companies across a range of industries. Whether its sedentary roles or active, if it involves people then we can help. The more niche, the better – we love something a bit different!


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Healthy regards,

James B