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How many measures your workplace can already tick off.

If you’re an HR or OH manager we know that you’ll have enough on your plate, let us take some of your workload and deliver great results. A well thought out workplace health and wellbeing programme is a vital part of your occupational health duties, so as well as helping to design, set-up and run your these measures listed below, we will also work with you to monitor their success using our multi-method analysis.

An informed healthy canteen menu

Napoleon was right in saying “an army marches on its stomach”. Is your workforce taking in foods which raise mood and concentration levels or the exact opposite? By offering nutritionally smart options at the canteen, you can boost worker resilience and performance. Contact our nutritional consultants, we will work with your team to get the balance right and make cost-effective adjustments. Nutrition is a key-stone to any good health & wellbeing stratergy.

Free fruit bowls & side-salads

Help your employees get at least their 5-a-day everyday by literally offering it to them on a plate. They will feel valued whilst also benefiting from the natural sugar pick-me-up. If you need assistance with this, we can organise the delivery of fruit bowls for communal areas / meeting rooms and side salad boxes at lunch. Just give us the nod.

Bike shelters & the Cycle to Work scheme

Cycling is a great low impact exercise; it burns lots of calories and improves heart health.  Almost everyone can do it so let’s encourage people to take advantage of the Cycle to Work Scheme, it counts as workplace exercise! When surveyed, most people said that they would cycle to work if their company provides them with somewhere safe to store their bike. Even if they only cycle on fair-weather days, this still has the potential to have a big impact. Again, we can help you set the scheme up and installation of secure bike shelters, just contact us

Shower and changing facilities

It’s surprising how many people we speak to that say that they actually would like to exercise but their workplace doesn’t have any shower or changing facilities. Even though potentially costly to install, (unisex cubicles could be a more affordable option here) these will pay dividends for a long while to come. Good quality lockers are vital here too. 

Outdoor nature trail / garden

It’s no secret that fresh air and time amongst nature have a massive benefit to our mental health and to combatting stress. Let’s help people get effective time away from their work stations, so they work better – not longer. If you need assistance in creating an outdoor space or short nature trail then please get in touch to discuss some options. A small investment in such a feature gives your health & wellbeing programme a big visual impact. 

Employee health checks

Our workplace health checks will give you a snap-shot in time of the physical health of your workforce. We understand people can be anxious about health tests so we have specifically designed ours to be non-invasive and very user friendly. We use a variety of methods to check heart and lung health, plus in-depth body composition analysis (not the out-dated BMI). Although each person’s data is confidential, the employer has access to a report that tracks the health of their workforce in segments or as a whole. Free results-based advice is offered by our experienced trainer at every consultation and we can be contacted directly by employees between health checks if on-going guidance is needed. If you are a business in the Hull & East Yorkshire area looking to offer your team a better occupational health programme, please contact us here for more information.

Ergonomics / Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment

As you may know, ergonomics is the science of how to best suit the workplace to the human body, and an important part of occupational health. Here at Occupational Fitness, we primarily focus on the other side of the equation; how to train the human body to best fit the job role. However, the very best results will come from a combination of both approaches, so please feel free to get in touch for all your ergonomic and DSE requirements. We will be happy to advise, plus refer you to our trusted ergonomic equipment suppliers. 

The digital health era

The recent advances in mobile technology have opened up huge possibilities in the world of occupational health. Various devices enable your employees to take ownership of their health by monitoring important data such as their heart activity, nutrition, and even blood oxygen concentration in real time. The market on phone apps, fitness watches and other health tracking technology can be a minefield, so let us show you which ones would be best fit your business requirements. By offering these to every employee, it shows them that you are investing in their wellbeing as well as their work performance. Follow this link to the FLX app to learn all about what a workplace health app can do for you.

Monthly health article

In the health industry there are constantly new fads, products and research emerging which leaves most of us confused. As qualified health professionals, we can write topical, no-nonsense, non-biased articles on exactly what would benefit your employee’s health, wellbeing and performance. You can publish this on you company website, intranet portal and even internal email. Just think of us as your resident health & wellbeing experts! We are based in Hull East Yorkshire, just contact us to chat about what we can do for you.

Health focus weeks and charity events

Many of our clients find that running various occupational health campaigns within their companies over the year works well and keeps things fresh. We are based in Hull East Yorkshire so if you need inspiration, help with organisation, or even one of our team there in-person to answer employee questions, please get in touch.  Similarly with your charity events, we can help run these with you covering everything from concept to media coverage. These events are a fantastic way to keep your workplace health & wellbeing programme current & engaging.

On-site health facilities

This is a time-efficient way to improve the health and performance of your employees whilst they release stress and improve their mental health. Whether you require a fully kitted-out gym installing or just something fun and effective in the corner of your canteen, we can assist you from design through to completion. We have the experience to introduce you to the best equipment, whether you’re looking for versatility or something that’s more specific, contact us to discuss a range of options.


It is also worth noting that although a proportion of your workforce may be already exercising outside of work, many of these employees may be doing exercises with poor technique or ones that will actually create muscular imbalances. This is bad news for you as a company as these people will have an elevated risk of workplace health issues such as back pain or repetitive strain injuries. By working with us, we can give your employees the knowledge to not only exercise safely but become industry athletes.    

Local gym partnerships

If you don’t have any space or the budget for on-site fitness facilities then teaming up with a local fitness hub can be a great option to expand your worplace health and wellbeing offering. Get us onboard to help find out exactly what your workers actually need and to vet your local gyms for you. Many of our team started their health careers in the Hull and east Yorkshire Fitness centres, so we know exactly how to get you the best corporate membership deal.

Bespoke virtual exercise collection

Let’s start by saying our exercise videos are leagues apart from what you can find elsewhere online. As mentioned above, some exercises may actually be damaging for your employees and raise their risk of injuries. However, as this method of offering exercise can be cost-effective for you and very accessible, we do offer professional exercise videos for you to place on your company portal / intranet. Interested? – lets have a chat.

On-site workplace massages

A sure way to show your staff that they’re valued (and boost their resilience) is by a massage. Massage is the gold-standard for helping people to minimise performance barriers such as muscle tension, mental stress and improve overall workplace wellbeing. Chair-based / workstation massages are counter-productive, we do things properly by quickly turning one of your offices in to a pop-up style treatment room. These events are consistantly well received by companies and their staff, often holding these at regular intervals throughout the year as rewards for high performance. Please get in touch to get set up with workplace massage in the Hull and East Yorskshire area. 

If you really want to stand above your competition and be a beacon for workplace health in Hull and East Yorkshire, then visit our Industry Athletes page.

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