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Whether your Hull and East Yorkshire team are desk-based or have physical roles, musculoskeletal injuries are all too common in the workplace. Instead of patching them up with time-off & physio until it re'occurs, let’s resolve them for good with our unique proactive approach to occupational health. 




Available Services...

> Workforce Warm-ups

From observing your teams in action, we customise mobility exercises and stretches that work brilliantly to prime their bodies before every shift. These can even be uploaded to your workplace portal for remote access too. 

> Creating Industry Athletes

This more in-depth service really is the gold standard when it comes to occupational health. Just as with a sports athlete, we listen to your workers, we observe them in action - analysing their movements, then we deliver a range of bespoke exercises that will minimise future injury risk & strengthen worker performance, health and wellbeing. From production-line workers to specialist teams, we can optimise your workforce.



> Workforce workshops


Our range of topics...

BACK to Health

By helping your teams to understand a little more about the function of their spines within the reality of their job roles, we are empowering them to look after their backs long term. 

Nutrition Essentials

Our food choices massively influence how we fuel our body and focus our mind. This workshop sorts the myths from the facts, then goes further to discuss job-specific nutrition with your workers. 

Biomechanical Assessment

A real opportunity for your teams to discover lots about their very own biomechanics and how this helps / hinders their job. This unique workshop involves plenty of practical work and delegates will leave with a true appreciation of their bodies, plus bespoke improvement techniques.

Postural Analysis

Get a modern insight in to what good posture means, its foundations and what affects it. We discuss a range of postures, techniques, and improvement measures, plus how to build postural resilience.

RSI management

Repetitive Strain Injuries can be the niggle that keeps popping up. We listen to your teams as they give us an insight into their work related tasks, then take them through exactly what could be going on. This workshop covers RSI treatment methods but more importantly, how to use a variety of methods to minimise the risk.

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