Occupational Health Hull

Occupational Health Services delivered across Hull and East Yorkshire

First Aid courses in Hull

We offer a range of interactive courses to help Hull & East Yorkshire companies stay first aid compliant. All our courses are produced with NUCO material, the UK’s premier training provider & regulated by Ofqual.

Certification is in association with First Aid Awards Ltd & last 3yrs before needing to repeat. We can deliver these courses at your company premises or at our modern training facility.  All our course material can be made bespoke to your workplace equipment & practices upon request. For more information, please click here.

Staff Health checks

Get a view of how healthy your workforce currently is, plus what this means for your business in the future. All our health checks are non-invasive & very user friendly so your staff will feel at ease. Our focus is on heart health, lung health and body composition rather than the outdated BMI scale. These measures tell us and the employee, if they are within the national healthy guidelines or if any aspects need to be addressed. If required, your staff member will be given personalised advice during the session by our friendly & experienced trainers. This will detail how best to resolve any such issues & / or reach any personal goals the employee may have. Our staff health checks are a fantastic way to boost staff wellbeing whilst also fulfilling your occupational health duties. Contact us for more information.

Nutritional guidance

People are realising that good food is not just what we like the taste of, it’s fuel & medicine – two things that impact every business’ workforce. At Occupational Fitness we can give Hull & East Yorkshire the occupational health support they need by offering everything from one-to-one nutrition consultations, workplace nutrition workshops, to assisting with the canteen menu. If you are interested in boosting your employee’s health, energy levels and resilience then please get in touch.

Company News Platform Articles

Whether it’s an online portal, intranet platform or newsletter, we can help you keep you workforce informed and supported in all topics health and wellbeing related. By taking us on in the role of your company’s own on-demand health expert, you are adding a major string to your occupational health bow. We can write regular articles tackling topical information, common queries, new research, industry related health content, as well as answering any specific requests submitted by your employees. In the Hull & East Yorkshire area we can also provide this service in-person, brilliant for internal events / projects & focus weeks.

Training Workshops

If your business is in the Hull & East Yorkshire area why not get us in to deliver a workshop for your employees. We listen to your workforce by making our sessions engaging and interactive, this way we can then tailor our content to your needs. Popular topics include:

  • Back pain management
  • Nutritional advice
  • Postural guidance
  • RSI management

All workshops are presented using a range of different mediums to suit varying learning styles. Having these delivered as part of your occupational health programme, strongly reinforces your message of workplace wellbeing.

Industry Athletes

If you’re looking to really excel at workplace health and wellbeing, then this service is for you. We can equip the different areas of your workforce with their own warm-up exercises, specific to their job roles. This not only raises employee performance but also significantly reduces their risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Another element of our Industry Athlete service is to provide your workforce with gym training programmes for them to use at your company gym or their local fitness centre. Exercise equipment can cause / raise the risk of injury to your employees, but our programmes have safety at their core. Here at Occupational Fitness, our trainers build exercise programmes that compliment the workers job role. So, if you’re a business based in Hull & East Yorkshire and want to become a beacon of occupational health, just contact us.

Workplace Massage in Hull

Massage is the gold standard for dealing with the tension that we get from work and modern life. Chair-based massage at the workstation does nothing to address this long term so we do things properly by setting up a private treatment room at your workplace. This form of massage releases physical muscle tension and mental stress, both massive factors on employee performance. If your business is based in the Hull and East Yorkshire area and you improve physical health and mental wellbeing of your workplace, please get in touch or visit MassageHull.com.