The REALITY of Standing Desks

This concept has been around for a few years now & quite a few forward-thinking companies have supplied these for their staff, but in practice are they a worthwhile investment?

As a Hull-based workforce health trainer / consultant, I'd done the research on the concept & I'd reviewed several versions. The science all stacked up & the ethos was right up my street so ultimately, I purchased one for myself (always got to 'walk the walk').

My experience: Although the standing & perching positions felt comfortable, and there's no doubt it is better for our back health, after a while my legs were starting to crave the old chair. This wasn't a fault of the new working position, it was simply due my job being 80% on my feet anyway, so I actually needed that 20% of time to take the load off my legs. Therefore, the solution for me is to sit down for those short periods of desk work & address the angle of the chair base instead (ask me about this).

In summary: For very active roles, its beneficial to assess chair setup for when they do sit. For largely seated roles, the focus should additionally be on periods of movement, or standing positions at the very least! Like with so many things in health.... common sense, moderation & variation are the solution!

Hope you found this useful & please comment below if you're happy to share your experiences / thoughts.

*Also get in touch if you would like to know more about the biomechanics & associated benefits of better working positions.