Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders can plague an industry, or company within that industry, if the working practices are not assessed. Issues such as postural problems, back pain & other repetitive strain injuries may only intially present themselves in one or two employees but rest assured, these issues can be (& often do) accumulate below the surface. Investing in the prevention of MSKs is much easier & more cost-effective than waiting until its too late & you're having to deal with the injury, time-off, rehab, all whilst your team are a 'man down'. 

By taking the initiative & doing what you can as a company to best minimize these injuries, you are effectively removing performance barriers so you are also actually improving their day-to-day work output as a result.

Here is a link to a great little article from the Corporate Wellness Magazine. It outlines the top 8 solutions to addressing MSK disorders in he workplace.

...& guess what, we've got them covered! Our team at Occupational Fitness can help you make these bespoke to your company & implement them. Please get in touch for more info.